Music To Remember provides musical therapy to those suffering with dementia and memory loss.

We offer a range of services aimed at both groups and individuals in a variety of settings, all of which are designed to help and engage those with dementia, improving their quality of life, evoking memories and prompting interaction with others.

Musical therapy has been proven to stimulate activity in those with dementia, as it encourages physical movement as well as reminiscences of past and present pleasures. Our services also create social interactions as we proactively engage with people, asking them about what music they want to hear and about their lives.

Not only are our services fun and enjoyable for those who take part in our sessions, they also help care establishments meet the CSSIW standard for the Suppliers’ Statement of Purpose regarding Quality of Life.

In addition to providing dementia therapy, the Music To Remember team are also available for concerts and recitals, which is independent of our musical therapy services.

We also sing with the wonderful charity “Music In Hospitals and Care” which funds artistes to play and sing in Care Homes, Hospitals and Hospices.

Contact us today to find out more via calling 07514 686 734 or e-mailing [email protected].